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Rachaele I. Raynoff

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The concept and coordination for LINKS comes from a life-long New Yorker who has been a journalist and community activist, with nearly a decade of experience working in government and with community service organizations in the South Bronx and Upper Manhattan. In both capacities, she has focused on community issues, such as housing, health care and education.

In the 1980's she taught English to immigrants and prepared detainees in city prisons for the high school equivalency exam. That experience demonstrated that even with tremendous dedication to learning, and even with the finest teachers, education can be disrupted by economic, family, social and health problems. A support network to stabilize home environments and strengthen the community is wrapped up with successful education. Each is necessary for the other.

Today's technology makes possible the marriage of family literacy, tools for improving life in our communities, and empowerment.

Most recently, as press secretary for the New York City Campaign Finance Board, Ms. Raynoff oversaw development of a computer access program that enables community members to become more informed political consumers by tracking the sources of financial support for campaigns of New York City municipal candidates.

Although even this position focused on information as an empowering tool, she continued to crave more hands-on work directly addressing issues within her community. Hence, the effort to bring LINKS to life.

As her eldest daughter entered public school in Manhattan Valley, Ms. Raynoff was driven to pursue this project which has been germinating for over a decade, and which she believes is more necessary now than ever.

Since she committed to realizing the LINKS dream, her husband has become an Intenet widower (the modern, equal opportunity version of a football widow). So she welcomes new partners in bringing this to fruition.

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