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LINKS = Learning to Improve Neighborhoods through Knowledge and Service

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Education and technology providing families with tools to upgrade literacy and life in their communities. The LINKS program combines journalism and the enthusiasm of youth to produce a bilingual newsletter on constructive real world classroom content. Value is added by listing community services such as helplines and on-line resources, and a local job exchange, which includes volunteer opportunities, to implement in neighborhoods the strategies for community involvement discussed in the classroom. Teachers exchange ideas electronically on approaches that work.

[newspaper] Through the LINKS program, kids' skills are enhanced in language and the art of asking questions and they are inspired to take constructive action in their neighborhoods. As they document what they learn, they see their creations in print in the LINKS newsletters, which they bring home to their families. The easy-to-read newsletters contain information in the languages of the community on how to make a difference in our quality of life. LINKS newsletters are distributed to community sites including religious institutions, local shops and community-based organizations, where they can be picked up and put to use by all local residents.

Note: You are looking at a preview of what the LINKS program and web site will offer when fully operational in multiple locations.


First begun in Upper Manhattan, LINKS was conceived by a local resident and parent who knew from her professional life that the goals of educating inner city children could be realized more effectively when combined with a support system for community life and family learning.

LINKS succeeds on the strength of those who put it to use, especially the kids, teachers, and volunteers who are working to make it viable, the organizations which are committed to serving the communities in which we operate, and the families which use the tools it offers. Meet them as our portfolio of community profiles grows and learn what they have to say.

LINKS gratefully acknowledges the support of its community advisory board of experts in the fields of journalism, technology, and law. Sponsors are sought from among local educational institutions, foundations, government, software and technology companies, and others who care about educating and strengthening our communities.


[mailbox] For more information, to volunteer or offer other support, comments, or post a community service or job opportunity, e-mail LINKS or write to P.O. Box 705, Cathedral Station, New York, NY 10025-0705. Inquiries from adults or kids who wish to start a LINKS project in their school community are welcome. You may also wish to post a message to educators participating in the LINKS program.

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